Introduction. In order to facilitate the availability of medical debt discounts,  has created an online application where you may seek a debt discount settlement and healthcare providers may agree to lower your debt to a discounted amount that you owe.  The quality of our service requires the mutual exchange of general and specific information, applications, documents, and disclosures (“Information”) in the nearly-instantaneous fashion allowed by the Internet. This Consent allows or its Assignee, should assign its interest, to communicate electronically with you.

Consent for Electronic Disclosures. You agree that or Assignee may use electronic means (i.e., email, website publishing, or other electronic methods) to deliver Information, including disclosures required by law, to you at the email address you provide.  If you are applying for a loan, you will receive disclosures and other records relating to your loan applications and if approved, your loan, electronically, from lenders. If applicable under your State’s laws, you may request a hard (paper) copy of any and all disclosures and consents to which you accept. or Assignee may request a reasonable fee to cover its shipping and handling costs.

Scope of Consent.  You consent to the use of electronic disclosures.  Your consent applies to the initial and subsequent disclosures and records regarding your loan application and, if approved, your loan.

Changes to Your Contact Information. Please keep us informed, as provided below, of any changes in your email or mailing address so that you continue to receive all communications without interruption.

Email or Address Changes. Please inform us immediately, as provided below, of any changes in your contact information. If Information sent to your email address is returned undeliverable, your ability to use the Website shall be suspended until such time as you contact us and provide a valid email address.

Hardware and Software Requirements. In order to review and retain your disclosures and other records, you will need hardware with the capacity to run software as follows:

PC – Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later, Mozilla 1.7.2 or Netscape Navigator 7.0. Adobe Reader is required.

Macintosh – Mozilla 1.7.2 or later or Safari 1.2. Adobe Reader is required.

Withdrawal of your Consent for Electronic Disclosure.  By contacting or Assignee, as provided below, you may terminate this Consent at any time, subject to the following conditions:

1)      There shall be no fee for the termination of your Consent;

2)      Your pending application will be promptly removed by; and

3)      To the extent an online account was created for you, will     disable your username and password.

How to Contact You can contact us by email at or by writing to us at GlobeFunder Receivable Solutions, LLC, re:, PO Box 50447, Kalamazoo, MI  49005-0447, attn:  CEO.

You acknowledge that your use of the Website is subject to the terms and conditions stated in the Terms of Use Agreement and as outlined in this Consent. You further agree that any and all of your communications with or Assignee will be conducted exclusively by electronic means.  Thank you.