New Solutions for Patient Account Receivables
If you are looking for new and innovative ways to address the growing problem of self-pay patient bad debt, look no further than IOUSOS™ today! Growing patient account receivable debt does not have to harm your balance sheet or your patient’s financial security any longer! As a healthcare provider, not only can you help patients improve their physical health, but you can also help them improve their financial well-being! Help your patients pay-off the bills they owe you, increase patient satisfaction and drive more patient loyalty to your organization.
Join the IOUSOS™ Provider Network
As a member of IOUSOS™, you can automatically post all of your past due patient self-pay accounts. Using IOUSOS™’s patent-pending online platform, we will compassionately reach out to your patients on your behalf, and invite them to visit IOUSOS™’s online, automated medical bill discount solution to help them seek a lower balance on their account, in return for their immediate cash payment to you! It is free to join the IOUSOS™ network. Once you register as a member, we will contact you to discuss how you can start to immediately drive more revenues from patient account receivable balances using IOUSOS™. Please register as a healthcare provider member of the IOUSOS™ network today!