5 Best Credit Cards If you have a Bad Credit Score


Are you suffering from a bad credit score? Then it is the time that you applied for a credit card which won’t add to your woes. A bad credit score can really make you suffer when you are applying for loans and credits and if you are one of those people who purchase most of the stuff with the help of your credit card then it would be advisable if you choose a secured credit card for yourself.

A secured credit card requires you to deposit a security amount which you can then later use to borrow against. If you use a secured credit card regularly and build a good credit, then you are more likely to get an unsecured credit card too, which would mean that your deposit will get refunded back.

A secured credit card requires you to deposit a security amount which you can then later use to borrow against. If you use a secured credit card regularly and build a good credit, then you are more likely to get an unsecured credit card too, which would mean that your deposit will get refunded back.

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We have made a list of the 5 best credit cards which would be good for you if you are suffering from bad credit score:

Capital One Master Card

One of the best Secured cards which don’t ask for an annual payment and are flexible in their deposit payment method. You can have a credit score of 350-659 and you are still eligible for this credit card and can use it to make a good credit history. You can choose your credit line and you need to deposit the amount equal to it, you can do this is installments too. Although this card won’t allow you a card if you were previously bankrupt if you have bad credit now and you wish to improve it, then this is the one for you.

Credit One Bank Unsecured Platinum Visa

One of the best-unsecured cards, for this card you don’t need any deposit to be made. You just need to know if you are pre-qualified but don’t worry there won’t be any hard inquiries. If you are regular in your payment then you can also get your credit line increased but a fee may apply for that. Another amazing part about this card is it offers you amazing rewards for gas purchases and you can receive texts and emails to be updated on your usage.

Milestone Gold MasterCard

Another great unsecured card for people with bad credit, this one has a quick and easy pre-qualification process which doesn’t affect your score at all. It also offers you with free card design options and easy online access and if your report shows that you were previously bankrupt, this card is still ok with it as long as you are responsible payer now.

Discover It, Secured Card

Another great credit card, this one has an annual fee of $0 and is perfect for people with a bad credit score. You get many cash-back rewards and can easily upgrade your card to an unsecured card once you have made several regular payments. There is one drawback though, you would need to pay the deposit with a bank account but its features and rewards more than make up for this.

Indigo Platinum MasterCard

This is yet another unsecured card who accepts previous bankruptcy and has an easy online access and pre-qualification procedure without impacting your credit score. This card also protects you from fraudulent activities such as stolen or lost cards and is accepted at more than 35 million locations worldwide.


Real Estates in UK stabilized their prices

The real estates in London maintained on stable levels for the second consecutive month in February, due to the seasonal increase in demand and the fact that many potential buyers rushing to make a deal before it expires measure of tax exemption.

The tax advice from the large advisors and companies is coming to such buyers to save money from such deals. The tax policy of GB remained unchanged for the citizens, which supported the economy in the financial and debt crisis. The accountants uk are giving information for increase in the economy and the deposits of the people. This definitely can be felt by the stabilizing of the prices for real estates in Great Britain.

The average price of homes in England and Wales remained unchanged from January.The number of potential buyers, registered in the real estate agencies, has increased by 18%, which is the biggest increase in five years. The data partly reflect the desire of people to benefit from a two-year measure of property tax exemption for first home buyers of less than 250,000 GBP, which expires in March.

According to Hometrack balance between supply and demand assumes housing prices go down again in the coming months as banks tighten lending, and Brits are squeezed by state budget cuts and rising unemployment. This month price decrease was recorded in 6 of the 10 regions tracked by Hometrack, the change in the three regions is small, but in London there is a “slight increase”.

In any case the good financial policy and the good economy development saved the countries from united Kingdom from the crisis and the last reports are for good and stable development for the future years. The economy forecasts are predicting the even Ireland, which was in the similar position as Greek, got high increase of the GDP and restricted the expenses in the measures for decrease of the public debt. The accountants from the UK are giving good advices for the customers and consumers in the way to develop their business and to decrease their taxes expenses.

This should be the main criteria for the strong increase of the GDP, as the free from taxes money are reinvested in the economy twice and even more. This is the measure, which opens the markets and increase the richness of the citizens of the UK countries. The tax advices, which was gives from the analysts definitely are directed to the people, but not to the companies. According to the analysts the taxes for the corporations and large business companies are quite low for now and they should not be decreased, as the spendings there are lower, in comparison with the personal finances.

After all these publications, was released also the information that the Mayor of London intends to introduce a levy on public works since the beginning of April. This means that all construction projects authorized for construction after the first day of this month, subject to the new fee, the online edition writes Property Wire. The local authorities aim to collect 300 million pounds, which will be used to cover the cost of construction of the railway line between East and West London.

The amount of tax will vary depending on the neighborhood in which a work falls. In general, central and southwestern regions will pay the highest tax rate of 50 pounds/sq. Neighborhoods meters to the west, northwest and southeast will pay average of 35 lb/sq.m., while the southern and northeastern regions will levy is lowest – 20 lb/sq.m. The expert by Colliers International said that it expects the new fee structure totally changes of construction costs in London.

The new taxes of the United Kingdom capital will not reflect the customers, according to the government authorities. They will reflect only to the business sector, which should get all the expenses for them. The stable prices of the real estates are good prove for that, as their index is good figure for the processes into the country, which had some public debt crisis in the beginning of the year, but according to the latest data, the situation is quite stable.


IMF lowered the forecast for growth of China in 2012 from 9% to 8.25%

The International Monetary Fund decreased its forecast for growth in China this year to 8.25 percent of gross domestic product estimated at 9 percent in September, citing weaker exports and uncertain economic environment.

The pace of economic growth in China, which last year was 9.2%, can be slowed dramatically if the eurozone entered a severe recession. Despite the expected slowdown “China is capable of balancing financial response and should use it to provide more incentives for the domestic economy”, the IMF.

From there, however, added that they expect the second largest economy in the world next year to gain momentum and grow by 8.75 percent. But the IMF warned that unlike the anti-crisis stimulus in 2008 amounting to 4 trillion yuan, which led to embarrassing credit boom, China should offer fresh incentives rather through the national budget rather than through the banking system.

Inflation reached its peak and slows down to “a level of comfort” that would allow authorities to fine-tune monetary conditions and ensure the economy “moderate additional” loan, say from the international financial institution. The Chinese central bank should ease over the next few months the situation with liquidity through weekly open market operations, explained there, adding that if the capital injection remain sluggish, it could choose to further decrease their demand for the rate of bank reserves.

In December, the first three years of China’s central bank lowered its requirements for bank reserves by 0.5 percentage points. According to IMF, increasing pressure on the Chinese currency has weakened recently, the speed of accumulation of foreign reserves has also shrunk because of delayed trade surplus and greater reluctance to risk worldwide.

“But given that the current account still has a large surplus of U.S. dollars and foreign direct investment remained high, the pace of reserve accumulation should continue this year”, according to the international financial institution.
From appreciate the efforts of China to cool the property sector – a key driver of growth – as effective as and price growth has slowed and the volume of transactions has declined.


The price of crude oil stays over 100 USD

The data for the retail sales in the U.S. have had some pressure on oil prices. The stock exchange in New York futures light crude for U.S. delivery in March fell 17 cents, or 0.2 percent, to 100.74 dollars a barrel.

Meanwhile in London, contracts of Brent rose 24 cents to 118.17 dollars per barrel. The investors have withdrawn from the market because of the decision by Moody’s to downgrade Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Malta, and awarded a negative outlook to the ratings of France, Austria and Britain. Additional pressure on prices was the news that perhaps tomorrow will be preparing a second bailout for Greece. T

he market participants closely monitor events in Greece because of fears that the possible bankruptcy of the country would stifle economic growth globally, which in turn will lead to a decline in oil consumption.

The International Energy Agency last week also predicted that oil demand among developed countries will decrease by 400 thousand barrels per day daily. The statistics on retail sales in the U.S. and turmoil around the Greek crisis pushed down the price of gold.

The precious metal futures with delivery in April fell more than 7 dollars or 0.4 percent, to 717.70 dollars an ounce.


Sarkozy will freeze the contribution of France in the EU budget

If re-elected for second term, President Nicolas Sarkozy intends to freeze the contribution of France in the European Union budget. According to the French president, this step is necessary as part of efforts to reduce the government deficit.

“France wants to freeze its contribution to the EU budget”, Sarkozy said when presenting his election program. In his words, such a step would lead to savings of 600 million EUR annually. Sarkozy did not specify for what period provides the freezing of the contribution.

He reiterated the commitment the country to achieve a balanced budget with a zero deficit in 2016 “This is my main goal”, said current president. To achieve the French Government must be provided an additional 53 billion EUR.

Three quarters of this amount will come from cuts in government spending, commented the French president Nicolas Sarkozy.


China wants to invest in rescue funds of Europe

China wants to invest in life saving and Europe to keep its holdings in euro assets. So support the growth of the single currency, and shares in Asia, due to optimism that the Eurozone debt crisis will be overcome.

“China has always adhered to the principle of ownership of assets in debt securities of euro area. We participated in resolving the debt crisis in the Eurozone”, said the CEO of the Central Bank.

These words are welcome to finance ministers from Europe, which reinforce the pressure on Greece to cut spending to get a second bailout. China is willing to help stabilize the economy as the Eurozone’s largest export market in the country amid the global slowdown, which in turn negatively affects the growth of the Chinese exports.

The analysts at Mizuho Securities Asia Ltd. commented that the country’s prime minister and governor of the Bank of China currently provide the best support. This is to give positive signals readiness to help Europe to tackle the crisis, and thus will enhance market confidence.

From Mizuho stated that when and how China will buy depends on the currency investment strategy – when it is decided that the price is right.